Truth and Consequences - Laurie Sandell

Truth and Consequences

By Laurie Sandell

  • Release Date: 2011-10-31
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 3
From 90 Ratings


In December 2008, the world watched as master financier Bernard L. Madoff was taken away from his posh Manhattan apartment in handcuffs, accused of swindling thousands of innocent victims-including friends and family-out of billions of dollars in the world's largest Ponzi scheme. Madoff went to jail; he will spend the rest of his life there. But what happened to his devoted wife and sons? The people closest to him, the public reasoned, must have known the truth behind his astounding success. Had they been tricked, too?

With unprecedented access to the surviving family members -- wife Ruth, son Andrew and his fiancv©e Catherine Hooper -- journalist Laurie Sandell reveals the personal details behind the headlines.

How did Andrew and Mark, the sons who'd spent their lives believing in and building their own families around their father's business first learn of the massive deception? How does a wife, who adored her husband since they were teenagers, begin to understand the ramifications of his actions? The Madoffs were a tight-knit and even claustrophobic clan, sticking together through marriages, divorces, and illnesses. But the pressures of enduring the massive scandal push them to their breaking points, most of all son Mark, whose suicide is one of the many tragedies that grew in the wake of the scandal.

Muzzled by lawyers, vilified by the media and roundly condemned by the public, the Madoffs have chosen to keep their silence -- until now. Ultimately, theirs is one of the most riveting stories of our time: a modern-day Greek tragedy about money, power, lies, family, truth and consequences.


  • Excellent read

    By BellaBearKitKat
    Laurie Sandell painted such a genuine picture of the Madoff family. They were so courageous to open up to Laurie and I'm glad the journey brought them some healing.
  • Truth and Consequences

    By Sye598
    Very good book. I would recommend it. I never believed the sons or wife knew that their Dad was running a Ponzi scheme. This book reinforces that belief.
  • Truth and Consequences

    By Riffraftnj
    Don't waste your time! this is a story about Catherine a wanna be Madoff. the whole book is Catherine did this, Catherine wore this, Catherine thought this! who cares!!
  • Disturbing

    By Lucky To B Sikh
    I read Stephanie Madoff's book 1st & I am disturbed with the fact that Andrew Madoff would let anyone write hurtful things about his late brother. Andrew seems like someone who is PW and is listening to a nobody trying to b a somebody (Catherine) even if it was true which after reading all the rubbish in this book it is highly plausible it's not but let's just say it it is what kind of horrible person r u to disclose to all the readers Mark confided to u he was unhappy with Stephanie she is a widow with 2 small children 2 raise she did not deserve that PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR $ it will just help the little cockroach Catherine Hooper Climb her shallow ladder
  • Awful PR Stunt

    By Tulip T.
    Don't waste your money...
  • Truth and Consequences

    By Larry Lawrence 6
    It was an interesting read, and taking the human element into consideration, Madoff not only destroyed the lives of his investors, he destroyed his immediate family. Little did Ruth and Andrew know that 2 years later, a second worse December would be upon them, and I speak also as a survivor of immediate family suicide. I do not believe that Ruth or her sons had any complicity. As far as Catherine's extensive inclusion, I think that after Mark's suicide and other planned books coming, she (and Andrew) had enough of being victimized by the media, and did the right thing by having this book written by a third party. The writing wasn't great, the first chapter was awful, but after that very compelling. This is an incredible family tragedy that cost lives.
  • Read "The End of Normal" instead of this

    By Hej2479
    I read Stephanie Madoff Mack's book first and then this one. This book is written so poorly and seems to focus more on Catherine Hooper, and seriously, who really cares about her??? I found it tragic that from the very beginning of the book, they are bashing Mark about his ailments. I gathered two things from this book: its a screwed up family and Catherine Hooper is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.
  • Well written manifesto to promote the good nature of Catherine.

    By France Gall
    This book is well-written and endlessly interesting/tragic, but spends a mystifying amount of time focused on trying to clear Catherine's reputation as a manipulative gold-digger, (while still describing, in detail, her head-to-toe choices in luxury evening wear and her propensity for dropping names.) Was obvious it was commissioned by Catherine and even though the true root of the evil inside it can be traced back to Bernie -- can't help but feel Catherine is exactly the status obsessed, opportunist firestarter she's been accused of being so many times. Stephanie's Madoff Mack's book, The End of Normal, feels like a more honest read to me.
  • " The End of Normal" is a way better read

    By Naibe
    Like many Americans , I was intrigued by the Madoff Story behind the scandal. As a single mother myself, I was wondering how Stephenie was coping with her new role, raising her children after the horrific suicide of her husband. I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded a preview of her book, as she and her collaborators describe moments so poetically and with such detail, I felt I was right there with them. I tried to get into the other Madoff Story book "Truth and Consequences" and it seemed way to forced. I also didn't appreciate that the story starts off describing a day in the life of Catherine Hooper, hello ! Who the hell cares about her! In the first pages Ms Hooper seemed to care more about what clothes she should wear and how devastated she was to cancel her hair appoinment. I suggest Ms. Hooper do a reality show if it's fame she's seeking. She does NOT have my sympathy. Stephenie, your family is in my prayers.
  • Disappointment

    By V-Gail
    Compared to Stephanie Madoff Mack's book, this one is a horrible read. Unfortunately, the author is not as good and this book starts off, focusing totally on Catherine, a non-factor, when it should have focused on Andrew, an actual family member. This book screams of being influenced and shaped by her, instead of Andrew, which, sadly, says a lot about him. Throughout it, the same theme reappeared - Catherine's influence instead of Andrew's... This book smells of exploitation.